Price List

We provide items and performances for various scenes of each event. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our list, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to accommodate the host's wishes as much as possible.

Price List

Item Unit Price
Dishes and Drinks Anniversary Cake (10cm or larger) From \1,000
Dessert Buffet From \1,500
Welcome Finger Food From \500
Welcome Drinks From \500
California Rolls (2 pieces) \375
Hitsumabushi (local eel dish) \700
Foie Gras Sushi \1,500
Children's course \3,000
Charge for Visiting with Geiko, Maiko and Hostess \4,000
Upgrade for Drinks for Toast \13,000
Dom Perignon (1bottle) \30,000
Dom Perignon Rose (1bottle) \70,000
Afterparty at Bar From \3,000
Entertainment Dance Performance by Maiko, Geiko or Dancers from Provincial Area (2 hours) \35,000
Hostess in Kimono (2 hours) \35,000
Magician From \157,500
Japanese Gospel Singer From \8,400
Foreigner Gospel Singer From \10,500
Piano Live Performance From \31,500
Piano Duo From \94,500
String Quartet From \168,000
Canzone From \73,500
Cigar Buffet From \2,625
Belly Dance From \52,500
Master of Ceremony for Party From \31,500
Souvenirs Assorted Tsukudani (Food Boiled in Soy Sauce) From \3,000
Original Sweets To Go From \3,000
Original Sake "Kawabun" From \1,000
Venue Arrangement Sound Operator \24,000
Screen & Projector \30,000
Piano Usage Charge \15,750
Stage (90cm x 240cm x 20cm, installation fee included) \70,560
Stage (60cm x 240cm x 20cm, installation fee included) \69,300
Tatami Mat Rental (1 sheet) \2,520
Tatami Installation Fee \5,040
Courtesy Bus (within Nagoya City, 2 hours, up to 25 passengers) \30,000
Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangements for Engagement Ceremony From \15,000
Table Top (head table) From \31,500
Guests' Tabletop (round) From \15,750
Guests' Tabletop (square) From \15,750
Bouquet From \3,150
Reception Waiting Room Charge \5,000 per hour
Cloak Service \15,000 per group
Photo & Video Stage for Photo Shooting \16,800
Printed on Photo-mount, 6 Photos/Sheet (with Letters Printed) \3,650
Printed on Photo-mount, 6 Photos/sheet (17cm x 23cm) \1,800
Printed on Photo-mount, 4 Photos/sheet (14cm x 20cm) \945
Printed on Postcard \630
Snap Shots (2 Hours/100 Photos/Digital Negatives/with CD-R) \36,750
Video/DVD (2 Hours, Edited) \147,000
Live Broadcast from Outside Venue \105,000
Opening Movie (Screening Cost included) \63,000
Paper Items Invitation Card Set \420
Floor Plan \32
Seating Plan \787
Place Card \210
Menu Card \315
Original Guest Book \5,250
Beauty Hair & Make-up for the Bride and the Groom \30,000
Guests Dressing (Houmongi/Tomesode) \6,300
Guests Dressing (Furisode) \9,975
Guests Dressing (Houmongi with Obi Arrangement) \7,000
Guests Dressing (Hair Styling) \4,200
Guests Dressing (Hair Arrangement) \5,250
Guests Dressing (Make-up) \5,250
  • *All prices include 5% consumption tax.
  • *Items listed above are for reference only. We can also accommodate other requests. Please contact us for details.

Facilities and Equipments (Optional)


  • Mic x 2
  • Microphone Stand
  • Lecture Table
  • Reception Table


  • Screen & Projector
  • Stage
  • Sound Operator, etc.

Questions and Concerns

For inquiries concerning the venue and consultation with our party planners, please contact us by the methods below.

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