CONCEPT: Furnishings that Narrate Our History

The various structures and furnishings of KAWABUN convey its rich history, as one would expect from an establishment that has protected and inherited 400 years of history. Among these artifacts are the Aoi gomon tsuitate, room partitions adorned with the Aoi family crest. KAWABUN also houses a well, which was used in ancient times as an escape route from Nagoya Castle. Both of the above were entrusted to KAWABUN by the Owari Tokugawa family, and illustrate KAWABUN’s history as a dining establishment. Guests can also enjoy their meals with tableware that survived World War II, over 300 kakejiku paintings that color the seasons, the landmark beech tree which was used as a point of reference when Nagoya Castle was being built, as well as dolls, kabuto helmets, paintings and artwork donated by guests over the years. Experience our savory dishes, wrapped in the history and culture unique to the oldest ryotei in Nagoya.