CONCEPT: Class and Comfort

KAWABUN is comprised of a number of historic structures that are registered as tangible national heritages, including its main building, the main gate, the side-gate, Shinyotei and Yoyotei. The historic presence of these cultural heritages creates an atmosphere that enriches your experience at KAWABUN. We provide private rooms where you can relax in peace, cafe and bar rooms where you can quench your thirst with alcoholic drinks or enjoy sweets while listening to jazz music, kappo counter-side dining where you can watch our chefs prepare your meal before your eyes, and Mizukagami no Ma, a room designed by Yoshiro Taniguchi, which is considered one of the best places to entertain guests in Nagoya. We customize these rooms, changing our vase flowers and kakejiku paintings to match each guest. Keeping intact the superior class of a ryotei, we’ve created an atmosphere that’s inviting even for first-time visitors.